Friday, February 25, 2011

The Owl

Screech Owl  
by Hope VanDerwater

The Owl

The owl hunts 
In the night 
For a chance 
To jump on  
A mouse
A bat
Small like that.
He is silent,
Wise, and old,
Kills in the dark
In the cold
He sits high up,
In a tree.
I look at him
He looks at me.
Yellow eyes,
Feathered ears
Sees in the dark
He has no fears.
I watch him fly 
Swooping away
And thank God 
I'm not his prey.

 by Georgia VanDerwater

Hope drew this owl for my dad for Christmas.  I saw it hanging in our dining room and decided to write a poem about it.  I hope you like it!


  1. I am so proud to have this picture hanging on our wall. And what a spine-tingly mood this poem creates. Until the last line, it makes me feel like a mouse.

  2. I love the poem and picture! Very spooky, though I've always liked owls. I wish we saw them in the city...

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  4. This reminds me of the other night when Libby woke up and we were snuggling together when we heard the hoot of an owl. We were excited to have the chance to hear it but sad because we were sure the little bunny under the garage was probably having a bad night. Great poem and terrific art girls!!!

  5. Dear Hope and Gigi,

    I love your poems and artwork! I'm so glad that your Mom put your blog on facebook so I can follow it. Now I will be reading poems by THREE VanDerwater authors :-)